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The Truth About Coffee Creamers

People love their beloved creamers. It feels good to know that in seconds you’ll have a sweet, buttery, joyful cup of Joe. Coffee is what gets us up in the morning, gives us a gift for going to work and doing something we don’t really care about. There are so many brands of creamers out […]

Does dairy really do a body good?

When did we start to think drinking milk was a good idea? During the Paleolithic era there was no way any man was getting to the nipple of a giant, vicious, animal. It probably wasn’t even a thought that crossed Paleolithic man’s mind. They did, however, know that we could drink our own milk; that […]

The Dark Side of Nuts by Nikki Jencen {for Our Paleo Life}

When I first went Paleo, I went a bit heavy on the nuts. I was eating trail mix, making “Paleo” approved desserts with assorted raw nuts, I was eating cashew “cheese”, nut butters, and I was drinking almond milk as my “milk” substitute. Then I felt something wasn’t right, instead of losing weight, I was gaining weight, plus my hair was falling out, I was cold all the time, I was experiencing muscle weakness and I was fatigued in the morning and totally drained by 7pm.

Vegetarian Paleo {Guest Post by Nikki Jense for Our Paleo Life}

It’s an anomaly being Vegetarian and Paleo at the same time. Or is it? There are people all over the world who recognize the importance of animal preservation. Animals globally are being saved by loving Vegetarians and Vegans every day. While the animals are thanking you for their salvage, are you sacrificing your own health […]

{Guest Post} Can White Rice Be Paleo? | Our Paleo Life

Can white rice be Paleo? What’s the first answer that pops into your head? No, of course not. When we describe the essence of what Paleolithic eating is we should automatically think avoid all grains, sugar, legumes, dairy, etc. But what is rice? Is rice a grain or a starch? Before I answer that let’s explore the history of rice, different types of rice, and why it may be able to fit into a Paleo diet.

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