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DIY Garden Fence (Keep Out the Deer)

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Last Updated on July 6, 2020Let’s build a garden… easy right? Not so fast, here in Northern Colorado the Mule Deer are very friendly and would love nothing more than to snack on your little greenies. Not only that… depending on the year the bunnies are very abundant and they too would love a salad.

This means: one of the first priorities we had after moving in was to build a fence around the garden. Here’s a little look at what we did.

Kendra Hauling 4 in. x 4 in. Pressure-Treated Cedar

Here’s the deal with concrete, I’ve had just as much success dropping concrete in to the hole and spraying in a little water, poking it around, and then repeating. It’s a lot easier than trying to mix it in bucket or a wheelbarrow. For fence posts, don’t sweat it – just mix in the hole.

Mixing Quikrete for Garden Posts

Pressure Treated 4x4 set in Concrete for Garden Posts

At this stage, I’m not worried about much so to make things easy, this:

Setting Garden Fence Timbers

Now, we start to level things out.

Preparing Garden Fence Timbers for Placement

Hey, look at that, it’s coming together. Simple, quick, and 100% effective.

Garden Fence Layout

Little base soil prior to throwing up the welded wire (easier to work).

Preparing the Earth with Compost

Lot’s of compost delivered and tilled in with my mighty little tiller.

Compost Delivery


Preparing the Earth for Garden Layout

Time to build the garden beds. In retrospect, I wouldn’t have used cedar, I would have gone with cheaper treated lumber.

Raised Garden Bed Prep (Cedar)

4X4 treated – with cedar siding (used timberlok).

Creating Garden Bed for Square Foot Gardening

Overkill with the timberloks on this…

Raised Garden Bed with Cedar Planks

Good size for square foot gardening. Let’s mix that compost in and get ready for warm weather and leafy greens.

Gardening Box for Square Foot Gardening

Everything is better with little helpers. If you have them, use em’.

Adding compost for raised garden.

Garden Fence Project

Dig a trench (much to the sadness of the bunnies).

Trenching to keep out rabbits in Garden Fence Area

Rolling out the welded wire around the garden area is the worst part. Have fun…

Welded Wire Install for Garden Fence

Adding Welded Wire to Garden Fence Area

I really just wanted to add this picture cause my arms look big. That’s it. You’re welcome.

Hauling Compost

If you don’t know about square foot gardening, I’m sorry.

Square Foot Garden Layout

Look at that, it all cleaned up so nice.

Garden Fence for Deer Prevention

No deer or bunnies allowed.

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Thursday 11th of March 2021

I will be starting this project this weekend. If you have any updated tips please let me know!! We aren’t doing full fencing but I am setting posts for the same style ground box gardens; fencing will be along single backside to aid in climbing plants (privacy).