What’s Your Keto IQ?

Most people misunderstand keto. Over have taken the quiz and averaged 67%. Can you do better?

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1) What does "keto" actually refer to?

2) The keto diet was originally developed to treat what condition?

3) What percentage of your daily nutrients should come from protein?

4) What's the maximum amount of carbs you allowed by the keto diet?

5) True or false - the keto diet can improve brain function?

6) What is the ideal measurement of ketones in your blood to be in "optimal ketosis"?

7) True or False - your body's cells can only run on ketones?

8) You can measure the amount of ketones in your blood using what methods?

9) What are some of the symptoms that let you know you're in ketosis?

10) True or false - intermittent fasting can help you get into ketosis?

11) True or false - too much protein can throw you out of ketosis?

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