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About Our Paleo Life

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Kendra and Rob Benson Our Paleo Life

Hi, we’re Kendra and Rob Benson and this is our website.

There are so many choices to make when it comes to health. We take an investigative look at scientific data and our personal experiences and report on our findings.

Our goal with Our Paleo Life is to provide another venue of information to assist you with your overall health goals. From time to time our perspective changes due to new findings. On an almost daily basis, the scientific community is learning new aspects of the human body and how diet, movement, light, and other modalities impact longevity.

Much of the content we create here looks at viable and trustworthy documented research along with our personal life experiences. We take this information and attempt to provide an easy to navigate concept of how to approach health.

Who We are Professionally

We own and operate Cardnl (Essential Electrolytes) in addition to Explorado Market (Café & Bakery in Old Town Square, Fort Collins, Colorado). This experience provides us with unique feedback and data from a large audience in relation to food consumption. We have the technical experience to understand medium scale food production and how the economy of prepackaged consumer goods functions. We go to great lengths to test and understand ingredients and how ingredient choices impact health.

Our Core Diet Approach

The recipes provided on this website roughly fall in to 2 categories (Paleo & Keto).

Now that we’re in our 40’s – we have experienced many diet cycles and attempts at trying to improve health including but not limited to: vegetarian, ancestral, and no carb. Every person is biologically unique. However, through our years of research we’ve come to find one vitally important aspect to proper health: managing blood sugar. Much of what we discuss on this website revolves around avoiding/reversing insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Controlling blood sugar (not over-consuming carbohydrates) is vital in promoting better health outcomes.
  • Proper and adequate sunlight (Vitamin D production) is extremely valuable for many important biological functions.
  • Ruminant meat provides necessary nutrients for better health.
  • Getting the proper balance of electrolytes is one important key to maintaining/improving health.
  • Engaging in thoughtful hard work provides purpose.
  • There’s value with “eating with the seasons” – Carbs aren’t evil, while we don’t believe they’re essential, we do believe they can serve a purpose.
  • Cold and Hot therapies can be a valuable biology hack.
  • Lifting heavy weight along with regular movement provide needed stress for improved muscle, bone, physiological, and psychological health.

Our Hope

  • Those visiting the website will be motivated by information to make life changing adjustments.
  • Diabetics suffering with terrible symptoms will find relief and remission (type 2).
  • That our meal plans and recipes will make life more enjoyable.
Benson Family Our Paleo Life

Our History

  • Kendra & Rob met in Florida in 2002
  • Married in 2003
  • 3 Children
  • Moved to Colorado (from Minnesota) in 2012
  • Created blog Our Paleo life in 2013
  • Created local design brand, Horsetooth’d in 2014
  • Created a nut butter company, Fat Fit Go in 2018
  • Built a commercial kitchen for nut butter production in 2018
  • Opened brick and mortar (diet specific) grocery store on Nov 3rd, 2018
  • Started creating pre-packaged, low-carb food products in early 2019
  • Increased bakery capacity of low-carb, gluten-free, sugar-free bakery items in early 2019
  • Brought back Explorado Market and offered a wide selection of gluten free bakery items in July 2022.
  • Rob provides training on emergency scenarios and preparedness at Buckhorn Cliffs.
  • Opened Explorado Market (an Old Town Square Café & Bakery) in March of 2023.

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