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Red Light Therapy - PBM

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy relieves a broad spectrum of symptoms while also improving overall health and wellness. Everything you need to know about PBM.

Whole30 Meal Plan & Grocery List

Whole30 Meal Plan & Grocery List

Everything you need for a successful whole30, right here in this creative and easy to use plan (Recipes, Grocery Lists, Tips & Full Guide).

Eggs for Days
Home Improvement

Raising Healthy Chickens: Feed, Supplement, & Breed Information

Keep your chickens (and eggs!) healthy and clean with this complete guide to feed, supplements, water, and housing that will make chicken-keeping a fun and easy task that results in healthy birds and healthy food for you.

Sauna Benefits

Infrared Sauna Science & Guide

Everything from detoxification to mitochondrial health, the infrared sauna might be the missing piece to your healthcare routine.

Chicken Bone Broth

Health Essentials: 10 Benefits of Collagen

Experience total body health and boost your immune system with collagen. In this article, we’re taking you through the health benefits of collagen and how it can improve your overall health.

Whole30 Food List

The Complete Guide to the Whole30 Food List

The Whole30 diet is becoming the 30-day holy grail for people all over the country. Check out the complete Whole30 food list and each of their health benefits!

Manganese Benefits

You Need Manganese – Big Health Benefits + How it Can Prevent Inflammation and Osteoporosis

If you’re deficient in this mineral, eating nutrient-rich foods like kale or taking a manganese supplement is a great idea. Read on to learn how manganese can prevent inflammation and osteoporosis (plus, its many other benefits).

Easy Prep School Lunches | No more early morning rush; kid-friendly {by Our Paleo Life}

Incredibly Easy School Lunch Prep (Make Life A Little Better)

Skip the early morning rush to get all the kids’ lunches and snacks ready to go. Plan ahead with this simple fridge organization method that puts the control in your kids hands while also helping them to make healthy choices.

DIY Suspended Bed for a Kid's Room

How to Build a Hanging Bed

Easy to build, super fun, saves on space. Take a look at how to build a hanging bed for less than $100. Photos and inspiration to build your own suspended bed.

Benefits of Beef

High Steaks: Massive Health Benefits of Eating Beef

Stop trusting bad science. Eating red meat has a huge array of health benefits including fatty acids, B vitamins, L-Carnitine, Iron, Carnosine and much more. Keep reading to see all the benefits of beef.

Your Complete Guide to How to Increase Melatonin (and Its Benefits)

Your Complete Guide on How to Increase Melatonin

Melatonin keeps your body healthy, balanced, and is crucial to good sleep. Learn how to increase melatonin in a natural and simple way with this in-depth guide.

Cell Phones & Kids: Using the OurPact App to Keep Them Safe

Cell Phones and Kids: How to Keep Them Safe

Technology is good, but safe technology is better. Read to find out how we keep our kids safe while still letting them have access to smartphones.

Family Adventure at Arches National Park

How to Raise Kids (15 Ideas)

Everything from learning your child’s love language to the avoidance of bug spray and sun block. Get advice on building up healthier children through interviews, activities and a lack of treats as a reward.

4-Week Keto Meal Plan & Grocery List eBook

Keto Meal Plan & Grocery List

4 complete weeks of meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), grocery lists, and the perfect macro count in each meal. The perfect keto meal plan.

Natural Mosquito Repellent {with essential oils}

Natural Mosquito Repellent {with essential oils}

Stop spraying poison on your skin and use this all-natural, kid-safe, mother-approved mosquito repellent that uses essential oils to keep the bugs at bay.

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