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The Paleo diet is popular in the health and wellness space. It’s simple, people find results eating Paleo. Paleo emphasizes eating foods that humans were biologically designed to eat during the Paleolithic era. However, times have changed. The recipes here are made to fit in to a category of approved ingredients while avoiding other ingredients. To see more on exact foods approved on the Paleo diet, click here.


A paleo diet can be beneficial for people who have digestive problems such as IBS or Crohn’s disease, allergies, autoimmune diseases and metabolic disorders like diabetes or obesity. You might want to start with a paleo diet if you are suffering from any of these conditions and still trying to find the right medication therapy for your symptoms.

These Paleo Recipes mainly consist of meats, vegetables, fruits, healthy oils, nuts, seeds, and approved sweeteners. These recipes are void of: grains, legumes, vegetable oils, and other processed ingredients found to negatively impact health.

These Paleo recipes are not limited to just protein and vegetables. Enjoy!