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Use the Our Paleo Life recipe search to find old favorites and get ideas for your next meal. All recipes on this website are void of grains (like wheat), soy, and legumes. Search: Keto, Paleo, Whole30, and Vegetarian Recipes here.

Kitchen Build

This is the story of how Explorado Market came to be. This is also a lesson in never ever giving up.

Ketovore Meal Plan

This Ketovore Meal Plan has been created to help you LOVE the foods you eat, reach your goals, look forward to your next meal, and feel satisfied while avoiding hunger.

Freeze Dried Before and After

Freeze Dryer: Lock in nutrients, keep the flavor, and increase the shelf life of food for 25 years! An overview of Home Freeze Dryers, the benefits, and your options to purchase one.

Buttery Low Carb Croutons

Delicious savory keto croutons using the gluten free and keto bread mix recipe found on this website. No excess carbs, no spike to blood sugar. Great with soups, salads, topping casseroles, and more.

Paleo Maple Pumpkin Cake

Clean ingredient, Paleo approved, delicious Maple Glazed Pumpkin Bundt Cake will have your guests wanting more! You're going to love this grain free seasonal cake!

Keto Beef Broth Stew

WOW! Incredible flavor and loaded with beneficial nutrients your body needs. This Keto Beef Broth Stew is an absolute must try. You're going to love it!

Low Carb Chili with No Beans

The perfect blend of ingredients will have you wanting this Keto Chili all of the time. This is a must try and will most likely become a new family favorite.

Charcuterie Board Meat Chips

Crunchy, low-carb, Keto approved meat crisps that not only taste amazing but are also VERY easy to make. Let's dig in

Cheesy Pizza Bread

Want a snack that doesn't taste like a low carb substitute? Try this incredibly delicious Keto cheesy pizza bread recipe. Very easy to make!

Easy Poached Eggs

In this post you'll learn the gentile art of cooking an egg in boiling water, without the shell. This is the internet's perfect poached egg recipe.

Easy Hollandaise Sauce

A Keto approved recipe, easy to make, great addition to your standard breakfast. Hollandaise aka Eggs Benedict Sauce, clean ingredient option!

Red Wine Steak Sauce

This Keto and Paleo approved Balsamic Red Wine Steak Sauce provides a delicious and dynamic flavor profile to red meat. Make this delicious Keto sauce in about 10 minutes!

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