About Kendra and Rob Benson

Kendra & Rob

Kendra and Rob Benson are the creators of Our Paleo Life, they live in Colorado, have 3 kids, and have devoted their lives to finding ways to promote longevity and better health.

Benson Garden

Kendra and Rob Benson

Rocky Mountain National Park

Benson Family

Freeze Dried Carrots

Business & Focus

Kendra and Rob founded Fat Fit Go (healthy paleo / keto snacks), Explorado Market (Paleo grocery and Colorado gift shop), Horsetooth’d (Fort Collins, CO local gifts), and Spark Logix Studios (web development, marketing, and branding).

Much of their focus is related to the health and longevity field. This means most days are spent researching, discussing and writing about anything ranging from stem cells to broccoli.

Kendra operates a complete Paleo test kitchen with a vast ingredient list at her disposal. She has a broad background in working with non conventional foods, creating meal plans, and developing Paleo and Keto recipes.

Both Rob and Kendra go to great lengths to test and document procedures, protocols, health technologies and foods using themselves as the test subjects.

Family & Interests

Kendra and Rob were both born in 1980, have been married since 2003, and have 3 kids.

Rob grew up in Minnesota, Kendra in Florida. They’ve been in Colorado since 2012. They’re active in their church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Rob works with the young men (ages 12-18) and Kendra teaches the youth on Sundays. Rob is also a volunteer firefighter for PFA in Fort Collins, CO.

They live in the foothills of Fort Collins, have chickens, a garden, a dog, a cat, and dabble with bees. They have plans of expanding and brining on livestock and a large greenhouse operation for sustainable food production. The couple are do it yourselfers with projects (many documented on this site) and prefer being outside.

Routines & Favorites

The family has a detached garage with a purpose – it’s a mix of conventional and non conventional training equipment making up a Crossfit gym.

Rob Benson Tire Flip

Kendra in Garage Gym

Other important elements in the home include: red light therapyinfrared sauna, hot tub, cold tub “chilly dipper”, 6 stage reverse osmosis water filtration system, full paleo ingredient test kitchen. Coming soon: hydrogen enriched water.

The family (including the kids) generally eat with the seasons. The primary foods purchased include those that would be considered “paleo” (with the addition of cheese “lacto-paleo / primal”). Emphasis: grass fed and finished meats. Cycling a Ketogenic diet is common but not the rule. Fat adaptation (not needing carbs to feel good) and a focused effort to avoid insulin resistance is the ongoing goal in the household.

“We’re not perfect when it comes to eating all of the time, however, we have a rule: we don’t deviate at the grocery store. When we go to the grocery store (typically Costco and our own grocery, Explorado Market), it’s clean and fits our lifestyle. We have another rule and it’s worked really well: we don’t buy special stuff for the kids, we all eat the same things.” – Rob

What’s really important in the Benson home: avoid sugar, grains, and vegetable / canola oils. They believe the elimination of sugar, grains and vegetable oils will most likely result in improved body function, weight loss, the avoidance of insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome.

Momma Working

Chilly Dipper

Both Kendra and Rob are devoted to spreading factual data in relation to better health. They acknowledge there’s not a one size fits all diet or health regimen. At their core they believe in an ancestral way of life that includes whole foods, ample time outside working and being active, and the importance of family and faith.

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