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4 Surprising Changes You Might Notice as Your Body Ages

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It’s inevitable that your body will change as you get older. Even if you stay as fit and healthy at 60 as you were at 20, there’s no avoiding some of the effects of aging. But some of the changes you might start to notice can be more unexpected than others. There are all sorts of reasons certain things begin to change in your body as you age, so both big and small differences can start to make themselves apparent. Some of them might affect you more physically, and some changes could just be cosmetic differences. Here are some of the things you might find yourself surprised by.

Loss of Height

You might have noticed that some people start to look shorter when they get older. But what you might not know is that this isn’t just because they can be more likely to stoop as they stand and walk. Your bones typically shrink in size and density as they age, which can actually make you a little bit shorter. While the loss of height itself might not be a big deal, it’s important for older people to be aware that their bones can be more susceptible to breaking. Remaining active can help to build stronger bones and prevent falls, while ensuring you get enough calcium and vitamin D is important too.

More Prominent Veins

You can start to see your veins more clearly as you get older. There are several reasons this might happen. Some people start to get spider veins, which are caused by malfunctioning valves within the blood vessels. Women are particularly susceptible to these, especially during menopause or if they have a sedentary lifestyle. You might also begin to see your veins more due to changes in your skin. Fatty tissue below the skin decreases and the skin becomes less elastic too. Not only might you begin to see your veins more, but you can bruise more easily too.

Increased Digestive Problems

Many people are no stranger to digestive problems. From indigestion to heartburn, you can find yourself dealing with them from time to time. However, as you get older, you can find you experience some issues more. Some people find that they experience constipation more often, for example. This can be due to changes in the bowl, lack of exercise, changes in diet, and other causes.  Eating a healthy diet and remaining active can help to prevent this problem and keep your digestive tract healthy.

Changes to Your Gums

You might also notice changes to your teeth and gums as you get older. Your gums can pull back from your teeth, and certain medications can also cause your mouth to dry out. This may make maintaining oral hygiene more difficult. It’s important to keep up a good oral hygiene routine to help prevent decay and other related problems. Regular checkups with your dentist are important too.

A lot of changes in your body can occur as you get older, even before you reach old age. Being aware of these changes can help you navigate them.

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