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How to Effectively Change and Create New Habits

Wish you could just flip a switch and turn off bad habits? Yeah, me too. Since you can't manage habits that easily, this post is dedicated to helping you know how to change and create new habits (in the easiest way possible).
net carbs explained
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Net Carbs Explained

Understanding net carbs is important when you're looking at nutrition facts and trying to figure out if a product will impact your blood sugar or not. This post clarifies in detail what net carbs are and why you should care.
What is Erythritol
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What is Erythritol? And is it safe?

Commonly used as a sweetener in low carb products, Erythritol is a popular ingredient option. This post outlines if Erythritol is safe, how it's made, and much more.
Keto Salted Caramel Sauce
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Allulose – Keto’s Favorite Sweetener

Allulose is a diabetic friendly and keto safe ingredient used to make products taste sweet (with no impact to blood sugar). In this post learn how it's made and what it's good for.
Keto Energy
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How to Boost Energy on Keto

This post outlines methods of ensuring proper energy levels on a Ketogenic diet. Balance your blood sugar while maintaining regular and consistent energy levels via the Keto diet (and these tips).
Keto Recipe Winners
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Recipe Winners! 3 Awesome Keto Recipes (right here)

The recipe winners were all Keto desserts: Samoa Girl Scout Cookies, Turtle Fudge, and Oreo Style Cake Cookies. Included in this post: recipes and ingredient lists for these 3 recipes (using Explorado Market products). You're going to have fun making these!
Glycemic Index Sweeteners
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Glycemic Index for Sweeteners

If you're trying to limit blood sugar spikes but still want a little sweet in your life, this list will help guide you in knowing what you should stay away from and what might be safe for you.
CGM Product Testing
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Keto Product & Lifestyle Testing w/CGM

In this article you'll get a first hand look at specific keto products (and their ingredients) and how they impact blood sugar, why monitoring blood sugar is important, and how some activities change blood glucose.