Metabolic Syndrome
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What is Metabolic Syndrome?

What is metabolic syndrome and how do I know if I have it? If I have it, what do I need to do to improve my health and reverse metabolic syndrome?
Correlation Meat Study
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The Stupidity of an Anti-Meat Study Summed Up

A correlative study involving meat has recently been released. The sensational headline claiming massive health failure "EATING MEAT LINKED TO WIDE RANGE OF ILLNESSES" is misleading and dangerous. Let's break it down.
Low FODMAP Diet Food List
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Low FODMAP Diet & Food List

The Low FODMAP Diet is often used to alleviate symptoms of IBS. This post covers everything you need to know + Complete Food List
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How to Effectively Change and Create New Habits

Wish you could just flip a switch and turn off bad habits? Yeah, me too. Since you can't manage habits that easily, this post is dedicated to helping you know how to change and create new habits (in the easiest way possible).
net carbs explained
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Net Carbs Explained

Understanding net carbs is important when you're looking at nutrition facts and trying to figure out if a product will impact your blood sugar or not. This post clarifies in detail what net carbs are and why you should care.
What is Erythritol
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What is Erythritol? And is it safe?

Commonly used as a sweetener in low carb products, Erythritol is a popular ingredient option. This post outlines if Erythritol is safe, how it's made, and much more.