Kettle & Fire Bone Broth Review

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A couple years ago, I bought a bag of frozen beef bones from Whole Foods with lofty goals of making my own bone broth. I could already see it: after a day of simmering the bones with organic veggies I would have jars upon jars of delicious broth to sip on through the winter.

Then reality hit: the house smelled gross, my broth didn’t taste good (at all), and I was just done. So done. I had instantly given up on broth. I assumed that all the people who drank it and said they like it were either crazy or liars. Or both.

I mean, I know bone broth is really good for you. But what’s so good about it? Collagen. And what is collagen good for?

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Collagen promotes healthy skin and improves the skin’s elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, helps wounds heal faster, and protects against the signs of aging due to sun damage. Basically everyone everywhere could benefit from these effects.

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It has a positive effect on digestive problems – particularly leaky gut. It helps to improve the structure of the gut by restoring the stomach lining. This is an issue faced regularly by people suffering from IBS, inflammation, and celiac disease.

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Increasing the amount of collagen in your body can also improve your joint health. Collagen can help rebuild tendons and ligaments which can lead to less inflammation and a decrease in joint pain. Our joints aren’t getting any younger…

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Now, knowing all this, and knowing that I suffer from nearly every ailment listed above (and honestly, I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t), I still just couldn’t bring myself to drink it. I’m such a wuss. If it didn’t taste good, the benefits just didn’t matter to me.

But obviously, something changed, because here I am, writing a review of bone broth. And I can’t write a review of bone broth unless I have tasted it. Which I did. Here’s what happened:

One day, I received a package in the mail. I open it up and see 2 cartons of Kettle & Fire Beef Bone Broth staring back at me. I tensed up a little. I really wanted to give this a shot, I really wanted to do what’s right for my body, but the memories of my homemade attempt come flooding back. I am a coward and the cartons sit, unopened, in the pantry for weeks. Finally, I decided to quit being a baby about it. I opened one carton, heated it up, poured some in a mug and just went for it. I wanted to hold my nose like a 5-year-old drinking awful cough syrup, but I buck up and hope for the best.

One sip turns into two. It’s good. Really good. I brought the mug to Rob and made him drink some. He also remembers my failed attempt and was skeptical. But he liked it to and drank it all so I had to heat up some more for myself.

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Let me tell you, that is exactly the opposite of how I thought it was going to go down. My first impression of the Kettle & Fire Beef Bone Broth was that it was buttery! I wasn’t expecting that at all, but it was. Perfectly buttery, salty, and seasoned just right. I mean, it’s still bone broth, but it’s arguably the best bone broth I will ever come across. And I will be drinking it again, and enjoying it!

So you know how when you come across a really great thing, you want to share it with everyone? That’s what I want to do. In addition to telling you just how great this bone broth is, I want you to be able to try it for yourself. Right now, you can get a 20% off discount so you can stock up on a great bone broth at a great price.

Now is your chance to try it out and get started on improving you skin, gut health, and joints in a tasty way.

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Use coupon code OURPALEOLIFE to save 20% on your entire order
at Kettle & Fire
through June 30, 2016.

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  1. You are amazing and so kind to offer all of this for free! I am amazed. My husband and I did the whole 30 last summer and it helped a huge amount. We are returning to it again as we have completely fallen off the wagon and are paying for it physically. His go around will be slightly eggs, no night shades because he has hashimoto’s and has read from Dr. izabella Wentz about diet and this Diesease. There is some crossover, so that will help. I think we will end up more paleo…that’s the goal anyway..still without the eggs for him anyway. Do you have any tips/ideas for non egg breakfasts?
    I am so very thankful for your time and effort in preparing meals and menus and lists. It means so much to a very busy mom and trying to fix better things for my family and help my husband feel better too. We are starting July 1 so we can prepare well. Thank you again! I think I might give my hand at komboucha….my daughter’s love it, but your right..crazy expensive in the stores! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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