Thunderbird Real Food Bars Review

I feel a little silly saying this, but I really love browsing the snack bar aisle in the grocery store to find new bars and snacks for the kids. Oh let’s be honest, I love finding stuff for me. When we do splurge and get a bunch of bars to try out, we never make it out of the parking lot before having a family-wide taste test. It’s fun, you should try it sometime.

Now, with all those options on the shelves in the bar aisle, how do you decide which ones are really worth it? It really can be hit or miss sometimes. Let’s try to make this a little easier.

Thunderbird Real Food Bars {review and giveaway} by Our Paleo Life

Thunderbird Real Food Bars have recently revamped their bars and branding, so we gave them another shot. They were good before, but now there are new flavors to try, yay! I tried all 9 flavors even though 4 are not strict paleo. I even let Rob and the kids try some too (sharing food with my kids is probably the hardest thing for me to do, because food) since a little feedback from them would probably be helpful in determining if they actually, you know, liked them.

Thunderbird Real Food Bars {review and giveaway} by Our Paleo Life

Good news, all 9 bars got two thumbs up from everyone. But let’s break it down a little more than that. All bars are loaded with fruits, nuts, and seeds. They’re soft and chewy but also have a very satisfying crunch as well. Just an overall great blend of texture and flavor.

Given that we tried 9 different flavors, I felt compelled to pick a favorite. Surprisingly hard! I was positive one would just stand out from the rest, but they were all really good. I will readily admit that I don’t like the flavor of coffee so the Hazelnut+Coffee+Maca  flavor wasn’t my thing but Rob liked it. I was, however, able to narrow my favorites down to 3: Almond+Apricot+Vanilla, Pineapple+Mango+Papaya, and Cashew+Fig+Carrot.

Thunderbird Real Food Bars {review and giveaway} by Our Paleo Life

I absolutely love the flavors with fig. The crunchy little fig seeds are really just the best and also offer a little nostalgia to my childhood when I would eat an entire row of Fig Newtons. The not-perfectly-paleo flavors (Cherry+Walnut+Cinnamon, Pineapple+Mango+Papaya, Lemon+Cashew+Apricot) also have great crunch from buckwheat groats and quinoa.

I will say that when I opened the wrapper for the first time, I was surprised by the size of the bar. I thought it would be a little larger. Then I took a bite and understood the size. It’s dense. They’ve packed a lot of flavor and food into a small package and it works. It’s just enough to refuel on a hike or after the gym. Or when you’re sitting for an hour watching your kid at gymnastics/baseball/fill-in-the-blank. They’re also perfect for keeping in your purse/backpack/glovebox for that emergency that always pops up. I love being prepared.

Averaging 160 calories per bar and ranging between 3g-7g of protein each, they really are the perfect little snack for basically anything.

Thunderbird Real Food Bars {review and giveaway} by Our Paleo Life

Now, you could get dressed, maybe put on some pants, and go to the store to get some, OR you could use the coupon code below, save 20% on your entire order online through the end of May, and not have to leave the house. Yeah, I’m thinking that should be a really easy decision.

Better yet, head over to Instagram and enter to win your very own Assortment Box of 15 bars and not have to pay a dime (until you get hooked on them and just have to have more, then you can come back and use that 20% off coupon).

Thunderbird Real Food Bars {review and giveaway} by Our Paleo Life

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Last Updated 03/04/2019

2 Responses to “Thunderbird Real Food Bars Review”

  1. would love to get a coupon to try these. they are a little pricey, i did buy a few bars when i was in SanAntonio recently and really liked them. i live (between) or near pensacola, Fl and gulf shores,AL. what stores in this area may have them or do you have a coupon so i can order online?
    thank you so much.

    • Hi Jan, the coupon code they offered us is no longer valid, sorry about that. You can find Thunderbird Bars in most stores. I’m not sure of the exact stores down there, but if you have a Whole Foods, that would be a good place to starts. Publix may carry them, but we don’t have those out her (I so miss Publix!). Best of luck.

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