Backyard Flagstone Trail

A simple project you really can’t mess up, has a great payoff, and gives you a great workout.

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Found some of this flagstone on the property and the rest I found on Craigslist (took a little while to accumulate what I needed) but the price was right.

Newly Created Old Timey Flagstone Path

Fast forward a couple years (the grass grew in just like I hoped it would).

Flagstone Path Backyard

Let’s get this party started…

Flagstone Rocks for Path

Layout where your path is going to be.

Preparing the ground for a flagstone path.


Creating a Flagstone PathRip and prep the dirt for rock placement. I used a rototiller to make this job a little easier.

Colorado Rough Soil

When the earth gets dry around here, it’s like rock. Need to unleash the pick axe to manage this.

Colorado Dry, Rock Like Soil

A little moisture and a rototiller makes all the difference.

Tilling Ground for Flagstone Path Install

Get muddy and start moving all the rocks in to place. I left just a slight lip on the sides of the path for the sod to but up against the rocks.

DIY Flagstone Path Install

Love it when it all starts to come together.

Rustic Backyard Flagstone Path

Why pay for a gym membership?

Colorado Foothills (Backyard Project)

Bunch of black dirt all ready for sod… and in time it’ll fill in with grass (between the rocks on the path).

Newly Created Old Timey Flagstone Path

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