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The Secret to Healthy Snacking

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I don’t know about you guys, but some days, I just need food all day long! My day job involves sitting at the computer most of the day, and sitting is boring, which makes me hungry. I try to curb the constant eating, but sometimes snacking is just unavoidable.

Recently, as my husband was staring in the pantry for the fifth time that day looking for something to snack on, he said “The thing that sucks about paleo is that there aren’t goodies in the house for me to eat””. He meant it in a good way though, because that man can pound back a package of Oreo’s like nobody’s business, so it’s a good thing we don’t have “snacky” stuff in the house anymore. But it’s true. The things we’ve come to expect as being suitable for snacks don’t fit into the paleo mold, so we feel restricted in what we can eat between meals.

I go through phases we’re I’m really good at making snacks in advance, and am currently not in one of those phases. In an attempt to give me a little jump-start, my husband got a bunch of extra carrots, peppers, and celery at the store this week. Instead of just putting the veggies in the fridge, like I normally do, I washed, peeled, and cut them all, putting them in a tupperware, ready to grab from the fridge as a ready-to-eat snack.

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That’s the secret to healthy eating, you guys. It takes a little work, like most anything that results in success of any kind. Preparation, effort, and work. It can be hard to choke down veggies when you’re not used to including them in your diet, or you used to dip them in ranch, but after a while, you will come to love the taste of real food. The carrots and peppers are actually sweet, so they would be the best veggies to start with.

In addition to prepping your veggies as soon as you get them home, make sure you have them with you when hunger or the munchies typically strike. I am lucky enough to work from home, so I can just run to the kitchen and grab them. However, if that’s not the case with you, make sure you bring them with you so you’re not running to the vending machine in the middle of the day.

And if you’d like to mix things up a bit, maybe veggies aren’t what you’re wanting everyday (but remember how good they are for you, so maybe you should try), then take a look at some of these other snack ideas. Make sure you make plenty in advance so you always have some on hand when you need them.







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Wednesday 26th of November 2014

So true! Great post! I need to get better at pre-planning, especially with snacks and prepping. Like a variation on the 5Ps. Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Paleo :) I also love that you linked snack ideas at the end of your post.


Monday 2nd of December 2013

Kendra, If you put cold water in with your veggies they will stay crunchy for a really long time:)