MangoBerry Popsicle | Our Paleo Life
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MangoBerry Popsicles

These popsicles are creamy from the coconut milk, with a little bit of crunch from the berries. I prefer to use frozen instead of fresh raspberries because they won't turn the entire popsicle mixture a pink color when mixed in, and will stay suspended as little rosy flecks.
Nutty Granola | Our Paleo Life
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Paleo Granola Crunch

This will be crunchiest best grain-free granola I've had. While you can douse this granola in either coconut milk or almond milk, chocolate almond milk is actually our family's preference. Topped with fresh berries, this is my favorite non-egg breakfast. And maybe my favorite late-night snack.
Cool As A Cucumber Salad | Our Paleo Life
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Cool As A Cucumber Salad

What do you do with all the extra cucumbers from your garden or the local farmer's market? Make a refined-sugar-free cucumber salad, of course.
Chicken Bacon Ranch Skillet | Our Paleo Life
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Paleo Chicken Bacon Ranch Skillet

There are two ways to make this dinner: paleo or primal. We are not hard and fast on the no-dairy rule in paleo. We avoid nearly all dairy, but on occasion we will eat some cheese or use butter in cooking. Feel free to leave out the cheese if dairy bothers you. It's all good.
Our Trip to The Farm | Our Paleo Life
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The Farm

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that we recently spent a week with our family in…
Coconut Lime Banana Bread | Our Paleo Life
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Coconut Lime Banana Bread

Plain ol' Banana Bread is fantastic in it's own right, but add coconut and lime to the mix, and you have a new combo of flavors that blows the 'plain ol' right out of the water. If you've never ventured beyond the bounds of standard banana bread, I suggest you try it now...