New OPL with the Bensons

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Congratulations to our winner, Lisa Manning Hill, enjoy your cookies!


Boy, do I have good news for you guys. You might have missed the last giveaway, but I’ve got another one for you today. And it’s just as delicious, maybe more so!

Do you remember when we reviewed the Caveman Cookies last month? If not, go read the review to see just how tasty these cookies are. Then, when you’re done with that, come back here and get yourself entered to win some of them for yourself. That’s right, you might be the lucky dude or chick to get 5 (yes, five) boxes of Caveman Cookies, one in each flavor, plus a Caveman Cookies T-Shirt. Have you even seen the logo, it’s adorable and I love that caveman guy. He’s got a very trendy beard, right?

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