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What is Erythritol? And is it safe?

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What is Erythritol

What is Erythritol?

Erythritol is an alternative sweetener found in many keto “low-carb” packaged goods and is referred to as a sugar alcohol. Erythritol is available in granular or powdered options and is usually accompanied by Monk Fruit for baking or sweetener applications.

What are sugar alcohols?

Not digested like sugar, they act more like dietary fiber in your system. This means: when you see carbs derived from sugar alcohols on the nutrition facts, they can subtracted from total carb count (AKA net carbs). Sugar alcohols are a type of FODMAP, which may cause stomach upset and bloating in some people.

Sugar alcohols do NOT contain ethanol.

Is Erythritol Keto friendly?

I’ve tested Erythritol for nearly two years as this point via CGM (more on that here) and have found ZERO impact to blood sugar (I don’t get a glucose spike when I consume Erythritol in products or as a stand alone ingredient). Also, it’s a (1) on the glycemic index (which is low). Read this post, about the glycemic index.

By all consideration, in relation to blood sugar control, it’s perfectly safe for those on a Ketogenic diet, diabetics, pre-diabetics, and the general population.

How is Erythritol made?

Erythritol is found naturally in some foods, however it needs human intervention to be used as a stand alone sweetener. Erythritol is considered a man-made sweetener.

Erythritol is produced in an industrial process starting with enzymatic hydrolysis of the starch from corn (generating glucose). Glucose is typically then fermented with yeast.

What is Erythritol good for and what should I expect from it?

  • Will not negatively impact teeth (Erythritol is not going to impact tooth decay like sucrose).
  • 0.24 calories per gram
  • Is a sugar alcohol (may cause stomach discomfort and bloating).
  • Is a great option for those managing blood sugar (diabetics, low carb and keto diets).
  • Used as a 1:1 ratio sugar replacement.
  • Incorrect ratios in a product using Erythritol may cause a cooling effect.
  • Is found in nature but needs human intervention to become an end product.

What are some products that use Erythritol?

Click on any of the product images below to view more.

Whipped Cinnamon "Sugar" Butter
cardnl Cinnamon Toast Sprinkle
Cocoa Mix
cardnl Cocoa Mix
cardnl Chocolate Chips
cardnl Chocolate Chips
Keto Sprinkles
cardnl Sprinkles

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