Allulose – Keto’s Favorite Sweetener

Allulose is a diabetic friendly and keto safe ingredient used to make products taste sweet (with no impact to blood sugar). In this post learn how it’s made and what it’s good for.

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What is Allulose?

Allulose is an alternative sweetener that tastes a lot like sugar. In fact, I think Allulose tastes the closest to sugar of any alternative-diabetic-friendly-sweetener you can find.

Is Allulose Keto Friendly?

I’ve tested Allulose over and over again with a CGM (more on that here) and have found no impact to blood sugar (I don’t get a glucose spike when I consume straight Allulose or products with Allulose in them). It’s not just me, it’s been proven by many to have little to no impact on blood glucose. Also, it’s a ZERO on the glycemic index. Read this post, about the glycemic index.

By all consideration, in relation to blood sugar control, it’s perfectly safe for those on a Ketogenic diet, diabetics, pre-diabetics, and the general population. There may be a very small population where this is not true but you’d be an extreme outlier.

How is Allulose made?

Allulose is created from the fructose in corn. Avoiding corn? Don’t worry… The corn is broken down into starch and fructose, the fructose is then converted to Allulose via an enzymatic conversion process. When you eat Allulose, you’re not consuming fructose. The enzymes – which serve as processing aids – are also not in the final product. There are no residual corn proteins in the final product either.

Allulose is found in small quantities in nature, including:

  • Corn / Fructose
  • Grapes
  • Maple Syrup
  • Jackfruit
  • Raisins
  • Figs
  • Wheat

What is Allulose good for and what should I expect from it?

  • Tastes like sugar. 70% as sweet as sugar.
  • Bakes like sugar. With a strong retention of moisture, Allulose has specific benefits for baked goods.
  • Freezes like sugar.
  • Is labeled as a carb on the nutrition facts but is approved by the FDA to NOT be listed as sugar.
  • 1/10 the calories of sugar.
  • Is a ZERO net carb ingredient.
  • Not metabolized or broken down in the body. Meaning: it does not impact blood sugar.
  • Is naturally found in nature but must be derived via a enzymatic conversion process.
  • Is safe for anyone on a ketogenic diet. Your body will not metabolize Allulose as a sugar.
  • For most people, excess Allulose consumption will cause gut irritation.

What are some products that use Allulose?

Keto Salted Caramel Sauce
Explorado Market Caramel Sauce
Explorado Market Champion Bars
Explorado Maket Cookies
Explorado Market Candied Pecans

Where can I purchase pure Allulose?

At Explorado Market (a low carb online and brick and mortar grocery and bakery). Click on either Allulose image below to order.

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