Whole Dried Strawberries

Our local natural foods grocery store has a huge selection of bulk goods, and in that section are little baggies of dried strawberries. They aren’t hard, like chips, but chewy. Absolutely amazing, and I can’t get enough of them. For some reason, they are always 20% off, not that I’m complaining. But I wonder if they just don’t sell enough and then I worry that they will stop selling them. So I decided that I need to figure out the best way to make them myself.

I’ve done this a few times now, and realized that a high dehydrator temp is no good, it’s got to be low, which of course means it will take a LOT longer to dry them out.

I start with whole fresh strawberries (seriously, aren’t they beautiful?!), wash them, and then remove the hull with a small paring knife. Once they are all ready, I give them a good smoosh to flatten them out a little so they will fit better in my dehydrator. Depending on your dehydrator, you might be able to skip that step. Once you’ve got all your pretty red berries on the trays, turn on the dehydrator to the lowest heat seating (mine is 95F).

This will take a while. Mine took nearly 24 hours. I would suggest you start around late afternoon, that way they can dry over night and you can periodically check them throughout the morning/afternoon to make sure they’re the right texture. You don’t want them to be mushy anywhere, but they should still have a little give when you squish it a little. Some might dry faster, depending on size, so just pluck out the ones that dry first so they don’t start to get crunchy.

Once you’ve got the right texture, store them in an airtight container. I keep mine on the counter and they’re just fine. I don’t think there is any reason you should need to refrigerate these. I would also suggest you eat them within a week, but that really shouldn’t be a problem, because they’re so good!

Last Updated 03/04/2019

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  1. What kind of dehydrator do you have? Our two year old LOVES dried fried but I have no idea where to start. Thanks!

  2. I love dried chewy strawberries since I first sunk my teeth into them. I had looked everywhere for them and finally found 2 pound bags on Amazon. I enjoyed my first bag but they went so fast and realized that that will soon get expensive. So I have been searching for the right recipe to make my own. I will try your method and let you know how things went for me. Thank you from SouthernCali


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