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Vegetarian Paleo {Guest Post by Nikki Jense for Our Paleo Life}

It’s an anomaly being Vegetarian and Paleo at the same time. Or is it? There are people all over the world who recognize the importance of animal preservation. Animals globally are being saved by loving Vegetarians and Vegans every day. While the animals are thanking you for their salvage, are you sacrificing your own health […]

Perfect Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies by Merit + Fork for Our Paleo Life

Perfect Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies… where do I even begin?! Any paleo foodie, whether you’ve been of the paleo persuasion for a few months or several years, has sought out some sort of chocolate chip cookie recipe. Like most people, you’ve probably tried a handful of paleo cookie recipes yourself… or maybe you haven’t! (I simply can’t imagine that scenario. A cookie-less life is no life in my eyes.) Myself? I’ve tried at least 100 paleo cookie variations.

Beefy Ratatouille | Our Paleo Life

I have no idea where this summer is going. Things started off so smooth and fun, then our camper broke (I know!), we got a large project for work that stresses me out every now and then, family visited, my kitchen has been in a perpetual state of yuck, and I’ve been working on a […]

MangoBerry Popsicle | Our Paleo Life

My kids often remind me when I’m slacking on anything that affects them. Like the 3,000 times a day that they are literally starving and may wilt away to nothing. Or the time I promised them I would maybe possibly think about taking them to the toy store. Or that time they asked for a […]

Braised Baby Back Ribs | Our Paleo Life

It wasn’t until just recently that I discovered I liked ribs. I was raised in the south and there were always ribs to eat and I just never wanted them. I really don’t like to get messy when I eat. If I can’t use a fork or spoon, I probably won’t eat it (burgers totally […]

Nutty Granola | Our Paleo Life

You know what just hit us? The heat. The oppressive 100-degree heat. It’s been raining and hailing out here in Colorado every afternoon like clockwork, but now the heat has arrived. This is going to be one of those weeks where I just sit inside, and hopefully work on more of those recipes that I […]

Cool As A Cucumber Salad | Our Paleo Life

I wish I had a garden. We are currently renting, so I’m not wanting to put in the effort needed to mess with the backyard and try to put in a temporary garden. I tried that last year and after a hailstorm that took out half of my tiny little plants, I just gave up […]

Chicken Bacon Ranch Skillet | Our Paleo Life

Summer is my least favorite time of the year to cook dinner. Something about it still being light out at 9pm makes me want to stay outside for hours. And that doesn’t bode well for cooking dinner every night. I feel like I’m confined in a cage when I’m inside cooking and everyone is outside […]

Coconut Lime Banana Bread | Our Paleo Life

So, yeah, my bad. I have been sort of absent from the whole recipe-making scene lately. I blame Colorado. If I lived somewhere else, I doubt I would be spending as much time outside, but this state is pretty phenomenal and our family has been taking full advantage of that lately. Especially with our new […]

Coconut Curry Chicken | Our Paleo Life

Guess what today is? One year ago today, I created my Facebook page. I launched my website on April 9, 2013 (whoops, forgot about that anniversary until just now), and only after receiving quite a few emails asking about a Facebook page did I decide to go ahead and do it, just for fun. Well, […]