Elvis Smoothie

It's a hunka hunka freezing love. I'm so sorry.

I used to be a smoothie-aholic. Is that a real thing? Doesn’t really matter, but I had a serious addiction. I would make smoothies for breakfast, smoothies after the gym, and smoothies before bed. Um, all in one day sometimes. Bad stuff. Sure, I would add spinach and think “wow, I’m being so healthy, drinking my veggies”. But I eventually came to realize that there was a purpose behind actually chewing your food, and that drinking foods that were meant to be chewed was really doing myself a disservice.

We did the whole veggie juicing thing, and it was great, but I really feel strongly about actually eating (not drinking) the bulk of your food. Here are just a few reasons why it’s better to chew instead of drink your food:

  • Aids in digestion by not only breaking down the foods into smaller particles, but by producing enzyme-rich saliva.
  • Chewing takes longer than drinking, therefore taking longer to complete a meal. This equals a smaller quantity of food consumed. Chewing is nature’s portion control!
  • You actually get to taste your food. Nature provided us an amazing array of flavors. Take the time to enjoy them.


Elvis Smoothie (almond butter, banana, & chocolate) | Our Paleo Life

Isn’t this drink so cute with the little chocolate chips on it? Yeah, not so cute when I was
pouring it and it spilled out all over the table and cloth napkin. This is smoothie photo ‘Take 2′.

So why on earth am I making a case against drinking food on a post about a smoothie? I just want to point out that while I do enjoy a smoothie every once in a while as a treat, I don’t consume them as a meal replacement. Been there, done that, realized the error of my ways. If I wouldn’t sit down and eat 4 carrots, an entire bunch of kale, 2 beets, and 2 apples in one sitting, why would I drink that much at one time? Just eat your fruits and veggies at every meal and you’re going to get what you need.

Elvis Smoothie (almond butter, banana, & chocolate) | Our Paleo Life

But this smoothie isn’t a meal, it’s totally a treat. And it makes a lot, so if it’s just for you, split it in half. And don’t forget, if you make too much (whether by accident or on purpose), just fill up some popsicle molds and freeze them. Maybe even toss in a few extra chocolate chips for fun. This smoothie makes delicious popsicles, and my kids love them. They got a frozen chocolate treat and I’m happy they’re not eating some chemical-filled junk from the store. Double win.

Elvis Smoothie (almond butter, banana, & chocolate) | Our Paleo Life

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Recipe: Elvis Smoothie
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11 Comments on “Elvis Smoothie

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  3. Laki

    I’d have to disagree with you that eating veggies and fruits with every meal will give you what you need. The American diet is literally killing us. The typical American meal is a large portion of meat and a small side of veggies or veggie-like food (fries, mashed potatoes, i.e.). The ideal meal every meal should be fresh veggies/fruit as the main portion with a small side portion of meat. If that is your diet for every meal, then yes, you may be getting what you need. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. Christie

      Thanks for the recipe and the reminder to eat our food and not always be drinking it – though I think there is definitely some value in smoothies, even not as just a treat. I am beginning to rethink my smoothies all the time habit, but at the same time, I see definite advantages…. Firstly, our kids love them, esp on a hot summer day! Secondly, the way fruits and vegetables are grown in depleted soil, yielding so much less nutrients than they did years ago, why not chunk in a couple apples and bunches of greens? Of course I wouldn’t eat that much – and that is a good point – but it seems that many of our bodies are seriously lacking nutrients anyway. Just a thought….. 🙂

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