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Chicken-Bacon Salad

Well, this isn’t really a recipe so much as it is a guideline, maybe an explanation of how a typical salad is assembled around here. Because I seriously get lazy with trying to figure out what the heck to put in a salad, so it’s usually the same ‘ole stuff every time. But at least it’s delicious, so there’s always that. My favorite dressing to use on all my salads is my Fruit Vinaigrette Dressing. But it’s not really fruity. Whatever, it’s good, that’s all that matters. And if you have the chance to grab some Tessamae’s Dressings, the Zesty Ranch is delicious on this salad!

Chicken Bacon Salad | Our Paleo Life



Chicken Bacon Salad | Our Paleo Life

Chicken-Bacon Salad

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Author: Kendra


  • 5-6 slices of Bacon I love kitchen shears for this, cut into 1/2" pieces
  • 1 pieces Chicken Breast or Thigh dark meat is best, IMO, cut into 1/2"
  • Mixed Greens
  • Carrot diced
  • Cucumber diced
  • Hard Boiled Egg no yolks, diced
  • Apple chopped
  • Small Grapes halved
  • Blanched Slivered Almonds
  • Sunflower Seed Kernels


  1. Put the bacon pieces in a cold skillet and turn it on to Medium. Fry the bacon until it's crispy and remove with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels. Leave the grease in the skillet.
  2. Add your chicken to the hot pan and cook it in the bacon grease. Cook until the chicken is no longer pink. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels.
  3. Prepare the salad by mixing your greens with anything else. I use all the ingredients above. Use what makes you happy.
  4. Drizzle your favorite dressing on it and eat. Yum!


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19 Comments on “Chicken-Bacon Salad

  1. Ariel

    What do you mean by mixed greens? I just bought everything I needed on your grocery list and am following your one week paleo menu lol and starting in the morning 🙂

    1. Kendra

      Mixed Greens are a packaged combination of different lettuces that are pre-washed and ready to eat. I prefer them over just plain romaine or baby spinach because of the variety. Enjoy the meal plan 🙂

  2. Gail Tanner

    Hi, We are starting next week and I just don’t want to stress over yields and portions. I noticed some recipes show how many servings, but others don’t. For example, this chicken bacon salad doesn’t say 1 serving, where as the “faux” oatmeal says 1 serving. Should I assume that all recipes are given for 1 person and that you double the recipe for 2? Also, when certain recipes call include eggs (but whites only), does that mean all recipes that call for eggs are whites only? Thank you.

  3. Carolyn

    I am confused with the serving size. How many eggs for breakfast, breakfast sausage patties, sweet potato hashbrowns? Just getting started on the Whole 30 and don’t know how many servings in the recipes.

  4. S Dawn Douglas

    I have a question…are water chestnuts acceptable for Whole 30 diet? Didn’t see them on grocery list. Please advise….

    1. Kendra Benson

      Yes, they are acceptable on the Whole30 (in small quantities). I don’t include them in the grocery list because they are not part of any of the recipes in the meal plan.

    1. Kendra Benson

      Bacon is fine on the Whole30 so long as your check your labels and be sure to find some without added sugars.

  5. David

    in the recipe it says no that a personal flavor choice or because it isnt on the Plan? Arent they a little dynamo of protein?

    1. Kendra Benson

      It’s just personal preference. I go through phases where I either love or hate yolks. Definitely leave them in if you love them. I’m currently in a love phase 🙂


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