Italian Sub Roll-Ups {grain-free; low-carb; keto}

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Keto Italian Rollups

With the addition of keto in our lives, finding foods that are high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbs has been a challenge. We’ve had to be creative with our meals, and those days when I want a gluten-free sandwich are no longer an option. I recently stopped by a sub shop out of desperation one evening and got a lettuce wrap filled with various deli meats. It was meh, but I was starving.

Italian Sub Roll-Ups {low-carb; keto; grain-free} by Our Paleo Life

My all-time favorite sub sandwich has always been an Italian sub. Something about that combo of meats and provolone with a simple oil and vinegar drizzle is just perfect. And now I can eat it any day of the week and have no guilt, plus it fits in perfectly with my current keto needs.

Italian Sub Roll-Ups {low-carb; keto; grain-free} by Our Paleo Life

Italian Sub Roll-Ups {low-carb; keto; grain-free} by Our Paleo Life

Italian Sub Roll-Ups {low-carb; keto; grain-free} by Our Paleo Life

The assembly is very simple, just layer the meats in a biggest-to-smallest order, slather on some mayo, add some cheese (if you’re primal), and add the toppings that suit your tastes.

Italian Sub Roll-Ups {low-carb; keto; grain-free} by Our Paleo Life

Roll all of that up tightly and secure with a toothpick and dip in a oil/vinegar combo with some Italian seasoning. These make perfect school lunches, as well as an on-the-go meal if you wrap it up in plastic wrap.

Italian Sub Roll-Ups {low-carb; keto; grain-free} by Our Paleo Life

Italian Sub Roll-Ups {low-carb; keto; grain-free} by Our Paleo Life

Italian Sub Roll-Ups {low-carb; keto; grain-free} by Our Paleo Life

High Fat – Keto Lunch Option

These roll-ups really help us get in our macros for the day, packing 20g of fat per roll (including the oil/vinegar dip), 10g of protein, and less than 1 net carb. Of course the carb count might go up just a bit depending on what extra toppings you add (like the peppers), but it’s still very much within a keto range. And for me (an average female), 1 roll is all I need for lunch most days.

Italian Sub Roll-Ups {low-carb; keto; grain-free} by Our Paleo Life

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Italian Sub Roll-Ups

Italian Sub Roll-Up {grain-free}

High fat, Keto Italian sub roll-up lunch with 20g of fat, 10g of protein and less than 1 net carb. The perfect Keto lunch.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 234.3kcal
Author Kendra Benson


  • 4 Slices Genoa Salami
  • 4 Slices Mortadella
  • 4 Slices Sopressata
  • 4 Slices Pepperoni
  • 4 Slices Provolone omit for dairy-free option
  • Paleo Lime Mayo or store-bough mayo we love Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo
  • Shredded Lettuce
  • Extra toppings our favorites are banana peppers, jalapeño peppers, roasted red peppers, and black olives, if desired
  • Avocado Oil or Olive Oil
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Italian Seasoning
  • Toothpicks


  • Layer the meat slices from largest to smallest. For the brand we use (Boar's Head), the order is:• Genoa Salami
    • Mortadella
    • Sopressata
    • Pepperoni
  • Spread a thin layer of mayo on the stack, making sure to leave space at the top of the largest piece to keep it from squishing out when you roll them up.
  • Add a slice of provolone on top of the mayo, about halfway from the top. Add a small handful of lettuce to the lower half and top with desired toppings (optional).
  • Have the toothpicks nearby and ready to grab. Starting from the bottom of the cheese, gently (but as tightly as possiblroll the stack, pushing in any fillings that find their way out.
  • When you get to the end, secure the outer meat edges with a toothpick.
  • To serve, pour 2 parts oil and 1 part vinegar into a small dipping ramekin. Sprinkle some Italian seasoning on top. Dip the roll-ups in the oil/vinegar and enjoy!
  • Store extras in the fridge, wrapped individually in plastic wrap, for up to a week. These make for delicious and easy school lunches.


Nutrition Facts do not include additional toppings.


Serving: 1roll-up | Calories: 234.3kcal | Carbohydrates: 0.9g | Protein: 10g | Fat: 20.6g
Bread is the least important ingredient of a really delicious Italian sub, so skip it altogether. Get all the flavor of the classic sandwich in these low-carb rolls. With 20g of fat and 1 carb, they are the perfect keto lunch. #keto #primal

Last Updated 04/20/2019

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  1. Don’t lunch meats have a bunch of nitrates in them that can cause cancer? Or are there different types of lunch meat without nitrates?

    • Applegate Farms & US Wellness Meats carry lunch meats without nitrates, and I imagine there are other brands as well. We don’t eat these on a regular basis, so we will occasionally get Boar’s Head Brand.

    • Whole foods lunch meats are nitrate free in meat case

    • Hillshire Farm Naturals are nitrate free. Our local Publix grocery store and Costco both carry them.

    • Boars Head is nitrate free. .check with your local deli store.

    • That’s good to know because I only buy boars head brands.

    • You can buy without nitrites and nitrates just read the labels.

    • What you should know is that Boars Head meats & chesses have MSG in them & they use GMO products. The cleanest product line I have found is Duck Deli. I purchase it from a local food distributor Cheney Brothers.

  2. Janet harstad

  3. Soooooo gonna make these. I love cold cut subs but do no want all the bread. Thank you for sharing??

  4. I love these! They are lighter than subs but have that wonderful spicy flavor…especially with the dressing. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  5. This looks so yummm and delicious , completely healthy and indulging i am definitely gonna try making this!!!


  6. I love Italian grinders but obviously they’re off-limits now on keto. These totally hit the spot. I made two and they were VERY filling! One would be more than sufficient for lunch.


  7. Especially like the reminder to leave space at the top of the largest piece to keep it from squishing out when you roll them up. Very helpful!

    Some great tips here Kendra!

  8. One roll up 200+ calories?

  9. Thank you for posting this! I’ve been wracking my brain for a good lunch option!


  10. Just made these for my husband to take to work for lunch. He absolulty loves them.

  11. oh my goodness I love Italian subs and this post just made me realize if I start eating healthier I won’t be able to have them anymore. I’m so happy I found this post because I CAN still have Italian subs, just without the bread! Thank you so much for this post. I will have to try these!

  12. I never thought to use the meat as the wrap! Brilliant. Thank you for the idea.

  13. Thanks for sharing


  14. My husband really enjoyed this. We modified it by leaving the red peppers as a side w/hummas. I made one as demonstrated and put off to side. Made two more “sets” and placed on a flatbread, added shredded romaine lettuce, banana peppers (apparently not enough) and provolone cheese. The flavored dipping oil was easy to make and a fast indulgence. Would rate 5 stars for ease of receipe, super fast and easy to make that is packed with flavor!


  15. I would like to thank u so much for posting this healthy idea,I need to start eating healthier, and i plan on doing just that, Thanks again, and do u have anymore healthy ideas?

  16. You people seem to really like false information . Hopefully I won’t be seeing you at the hospital due to a heart attack or severe high blood pressure due to obesity. Good luck. I wish you all the best.

    • Is it hard to not make a sarcastic comment? Just don’t make a comment. Troll.

      Kendra Benson, these sound amazing for an occasional lunchtime meal!

    • You need to read some information on the Keto lifestyle. You will find it you who is believing false information. Eating this way will actually cause your vitals to all come down. I am living proof along with thousands of other people.

    • Well don’t make it then. No one said YOU have to make them. Quit with the negativity. Jeez….

  17. I loved this. Delicious! 5 stars!!


  18. When the deli person asks how thick to slice the meat, what do you say?

    • I have only purchased these meats in the pre-cut packs (Boar’s Head brand, usually) in the refrigerated deli section. You can let the deli counter know you would like them sliced to that thickness. They just need to be thick enough to not fall apart when rolled, but not overly thick because that would be a little overbearing in the roll.

    • I ask to slice at a 1 but you could do a 2 if you want the meat a little thicker.

  19. Looking forward to making these for my next work function or gathering of friends. Excellent idea!


  20. This looked so good! I’m wondering though how four slices of meat and one slice of cheese can only be 10 grams of protein? Did I misunderstand something? I bought each of the ingredients at the deli in my grocery store but when I put the meats into my Carb manager the protein was much higher than 10. Please advise!! I really wantbto make these!


  21. First off, I want to say “Thank you for sharing this easy and healthy recipe with us.” I started making them last year and forgot to send you a thank you note. I’m on a low carb diet so this is perfect. I also eat Boar’s head products.

    Do you ask them to cut them a certain number on the blade? I asked for 4 but they were kind of big and the last time, blade 2.

  22. If you are allergic to eggs. What substitute do you suggest for the mayo?

    • I have never made mayo without eggs but I know there are some vegan mayo recipes out there. You could try cream cheese or thin slices of avocado. It would have a different taste, of course, but would mimic the creaminess from the mayo.

  23. My wife does these for work lunches sometimes. tasty, but does not save well.She packs all the ingredients separately then puts them together on her lunch break so that the lettuce stays crisp.


  24. I made something similar to this, but gave it an extra kick. I used thin sliced bologna as a wide base, fried it in olive oil (which enhanced the flavors and softened the cheese) then rolled it up! Amazing difference between a cold “sub” and a “toasted” one!

  25. Delicious! I’ve made these several times!


  26. We use to make lunchmeat and cheese roll ups when we were kids until dad caught us and yelled about eating them without bread. Will have to try them again with the boar’s head meats they are not much points for weight watchers.

    Thanks for the idea


  27. We use to make lunchmeat and cheese roll ups when we were kids until dad caught us and yelled about eating them without bread. Will have to try them again with the boar’s head meats they are not much points for weight watchers. So, since turkey is 1 point maybe I will try it with that.

    Thanks for the idea

  28. Making low carb cheese taco shells is easy. Place slices of cheese or a pile of shredded cheese on a prepared surface and cook: Crisp in a frying pan. Bake on Parchment or a silpat in the oven.

  29. New staple recipe in my keto adventure… so delicious and flavorful!

  30. This sounds AMAZING.

  31. I believe the carbs should read 0.9, not 9 carbs.
    We almost skipped this until I read deeper into the recipe stating less than one carb each.


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